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These are actual images of our photo booth. The photo booth is roughly 5' feet 11 inches tall. It features a built in webcam that can capture high resolution photos. The additional umbrella, strobe light, DSLR camera, Printer, and table are for show purposes only they do not come with basic packages.


Guest can choose to send an email with the original quality photo attached directly from the photo booth. This feature is triggered after each photo session and is limited to 3 email recipients. 

Data Collection

Marketing/promo gold! Our photo booth becomes your lead collection center. Walk away from your event with prospects w/ photos, emails, and phone numbers. Great add-on for large events.


Enhance the fun with props. You may add a customized prop kit please contact us for details. (standard props no charge, custom props fee applies)

Video Message

Guest can record 10 second video.  Great fro remarks, thank you's, well wishes, or general commentary. (additional fee)


Guest request logo, photos, special tag lines, or unique additions for branding and theme purposes. (fee may apply)

Animated GIF

We'll Snap 3 selfies for animation purposes. So make the funniest faces possible and watch as the captures come to life.

Slow Motion Video

We know how much slow motion enhances even a simple walk. The kids love it! (additional fee)

Custom Frames

Create custom frames and forward them to us or allow us to create them for you. (fee applies)

Social Media Integration

Guest can choose to upload a photo to facebook, twitter, or pinterest.


Standard white backdrop makes for a solid background.

Personal Attendant

A friendly Twin Cities Selfie attendant is present at all times.

Generic Filters

Guest can choose fun & generic filters after each session.


Guest can choose to send a text message.

Light Painting

Scribble, doodle, and draw on your photos.

Digital Photo Gallery

Enjoy the pictures of your event repeatedly.

Don’t Let Price Stop You From Having A Great Event

Check out our groupon deal if your main concern is budget. We want our customers to be able to have a fun event without breaking the bank. Thanks for visiting Twin Cities Selfie. Be sure to contact us using the form below.

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Twin Cities Selfie – Minneapolis / St. Paul

Twin Cities Selfie Company, Event and Photo Booth Information

Twin Cities Selfie

Photo booth renting has never been easier thanks to Twin Cities Selfie. At the bottom of this web page you will see a contact form. Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you asap!

If you love our service or just like photo booths, selfies, and photography in general -> please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Our blog will continuously get updated -> be sure to subscribe if you love to read.

Twin Cities Selfie showcases the many features of our photo booth(s). There are many capabilities that our service provides that do not just involve taking pictures.

We can provide Karaoke, light painting, Animated Gifs, Video booth, Face Morph, and Green Screen (Chroma Key). Many services that we provide are by special request. Always contact us when event planning to ensure that we have availability.

Our main email address is  Email isn't the only way to contact us. Facebook messenger works well also for mobile users who utilize Facebook.

Photo Booth

First of all, photo booth rentals are the hottest trend for events in the world. When hosting a party the last thing you want is to bore your guest. No worries, even the best parties have dull moments. However, when you have a photo booth at your event it is an attraction that keeps guest occupied for hours.

Twin Cities Selfie has cracked the code on customizable photo booth rentals. Entertaining your guests is our sworn duty. Guests can take as many pictures as they want. Photos are the keepsake of every occasion.

Children have tons of fun but we have a great debate going on at Twin Cities Selfie. Who has more fun? Adults or the kids? Definitely let us know on twitter: @tc_selfie_mn.

Twin Cities Selfie

So far the most trending events have been : Sweet 16, 21, 25, 30, 50th,& 75th birthday parties. We have seen many weddings & receptions, graduation parties (High school, Trade School, Community College, University & Grad School).

We've even done a repast photo booth event for a family celebrating the loving memory of their dearly departed. What an experience!

What photo booth is best for your event? Our open style photo booth blows the enclosed booth away. We always recommend it. While we can optionally enclose the photo booth(s) guest usually don't want to.

This open style allows for at least 5 people to fit in one picture. Guest can always reduce or increase that number. Lots of guest love solo shots, however; group photos more fun! Each guest in the photo can use props.

There are prop limitations per event. Adding the enhanced prop package (recommended for medium and large events) will double or even triple the basic prop count. Always inquire about prop availability when reserving a photo booth. Send us a message on Facebook for quick relies.

Photo Booth

We've hosted many events here in the Twin Cities. We know a thing or two about what makes an event great. What a great event starts with is

Music sets the tone, literally. The best design is an enhancer but the worst design can be saved by great music. Music has always brought people together and a DJ keeps the event rocking.

Always excite your guest with a themed event. This gives your guest something to look forward to. Guest feel like they are a part of the event when there is a theme.

Furthermore, this allows for your guests to dress appropriately. Some great themed parties are 90’s party, all white/all black parties, or luau's.

Decorations amaze your guests at first glance. When you see beautiful and well placed décor you immediately feel good about the environment.

For the best outcome, small events consist of a minimum 7-15 people. On average, the medium sized event hosts about 15-75 people. While large events include about 75+ guest.

Photo booth
Last but not least, every event need pictures for memorable moments. The photo booth will capture the moments you can’t. At the photo booth, your guest can style themselves and create the moment they want to be remembered for.

DIY background
Why pay extra for a backdrop when you can create your own for your special event. Most photo booth companies don’t tell you, however; we have standard white backdrops for addition fees.

Twin Cities Selfie is all about fitting your budget. We understood a photo booth enhances your event and we don't want our hard working customers to break the bank.

We offer discounts to children's birthday parties, baby showers, gender reveal parties, charity groups, schools, trade shows and second time customers. For those who love steep discounts we offer groupon deals. However, Restrictions do apply.

Last but not least. We thank Minnesota and the great country of America for the opportunity to provide our service. Weather is a pretty big deal here as the climate does affect our electronic equipment.

Rain, Sleet, and Snow can cause cancellations of outdoor events. Be mindful of weather conditions when planning outdoor events.

*Indoor/Outdoor events should have working power outlets for our equipment.

*Liquids are not allowed near our  equipment.

*Customers may be required to sign a service agreement.

*Photo Booth Attendants are not allowed alcoholic beverages while at events. Please refrain from offering alcohol beverages. Refreshments are acceptable.

*Attendants do accept tips however they do not carry cash or change. What you tip your attendant is completely up to you and how you felt about their service.

Twin Cities Selfie Blog

Twin Cities Selfie Blog

Here is the Twin Cities Selfie Blog. We blog for the people who are interested in what we do. Photo lovers are united worldwide and our photo booth(s) contribute to the photography and entertainment community. Here in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) the professional photography world is competitive.

The only way to truly carve out a niche is to absolutely love it. We specialize in the selfie. Self portraits are the most popular photograph. Be sure to check our blog! We have many fun and interesting experiences that we want to share with the world.

Photography Selfies

Photography Selfies   The concept of photography selfies has spread to the general population in new ways over the last decade or so.  Advances in the quality of commercial digital cameras and the cameras in our phones have allowed people to snap charming photos of themselves and the world around them.   Indeed, the aptly-named …

Photo Booth Company

A photo booth company can consist of two different settings. The first being, a company that sales photo booths to individual people and businesses. The second setting are companies that rent photo booths on an hourly bases. Normally a photo booth attendant is present with the photo booth. There are many different styles of photo …

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