10 Reasons Why You Need Our Photo Booth At Your Event

10 reasons? There are far more than 10 reasons to book our photo booth, but it would take a very long time to name them all. Before we get into that, please enjoy a quick laugh courtesy of our video advertisement. Also, come visit our Home Page to find out more about the photo booth.


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Can you find 10 reasons to book this photo booth?
Twin Cities Selfie

 Here are the 10 Reasons:

1.     Because it’s all about capturing a moment

 When we all look back on life, we hope to fondly recall the moments that were most important to us. The mind is a marvelous thing, but it’s been known to fade and warp memories over time, filling in forgotten details as best it can.

At TCSelfie, we believe that good photos help rekindle memories by capturing perfect moments in time. When you examine a collection of your most important photos, you can’t help but be swept back in time to the given moments. You are taken back to the sights, sounds, and feelings you experienced in the past.

We want to help you capture more of these special moments for you to enjoy for a lifetime. Your satisfaction is our own, and there’s nothing quite like the joyful, smiling faces before and after each wonderful moment is preserved in a photo.


2.     The children will love it

Make no mistake, adults love our photo booth experience too; but there’s something unique about children and the innocent curiosity that attracts them to new technology. Kids love to touch, play with, and interact with the different technologies available in our rental booth, and we encourage a safe atmosphere that fosters their interest.

Of course, kids also want to take great photos too. With some help from parents, grandparents, friends and our photo booth attendant, kids will come away from our booth with fun times and fun photos.

Our photo booth setup includes just about everything to keep kids enchanted, including wifi, social media, slow motion video, and light painting; it also has a webcam, large touch screen, and even the latest apps.


3.      Who can argue against great photos and a nice event?

Since we cannot, we’ll listen to your arguments. In our opinion, the sight of everyone dressed up, mingling between friends and family with smiles etched on faces for hours at a time is enough to flip around even the coldest of hearts.

Take these ingredients and add a rental photo booth to the event, and you have the recipe for a lifetime gift.

We bring our top quality equipment and service to match the huge effort you put in to throw your affair. We’ll help you take the great photos you and your guests want so that you can relax, indulge, and arrive home later with lasting mementos and pure satisfaction.


4.     You’ll create memories for years to come.

Building new memories with the ones you love is what life is all about. When our best times have passed, we still retain the memories from there on; hopefully, the pictures we have from those times continue to enrich our future lives.

By simply having fun with your friends in the chill TCSelfie rental photo booth, you go about setting the tone that will be reflected in your pictures. We will assist you in choosing your desired customizations for the photo booth.

You’ll also get to keep each photo, digitally and in print. You can get your photo booth pictures sent to your email for safe online keeping. We want you to have full access to every photo so that you’ll forever cherish the memories you made with friends and family.


5.     The prices are in your favor

We offer a variety of packages to fit a broad range of customer budgets and needs. We encourage those with tighter finances or those looking for further savings to consider our Groupon deal.

Click here for our groupon deal , which cuts prices by up to 58%, providing a hefty discount while still covering everything you’ll need in a rental booth for a memorable party.

More specifically, the groupon deals provide a basic package that includes unlimited digital prints and props for three or four hour timespans.

We provide many additional services that can be added to your rental booth package; some of these, like custom frames, come with additional fees. However, there are tons of free customizations available as well. We’ll work with you to help you arrive at your dream photo booth setup while not breaking the bank.


6.     The image quality!

You haven’t experienced true high quality photos until you’ve stepped inside a professional photo booth. With a professional digital camera, standard backdrop, and enhancement options, we’ll have you looking as fresh as possible in every picture we shoot.

Compared to traditional photo booths, our camera, wifi, apps, and additional internet connectivity results in clearer pictures with flexible, reliable delivery. If you want to add more bells and whistles, we offer a selection of props, custom frames, fun filters, light painting, and more.

You have only to bring your imagination to the booth if you want to create photos that are uniquely you. Whatever you come up with, we’ll help you fine tune your ideas; and when the photos are taken, the end product will be sharp and stylish.


7.     Photo booth events are very popular 

Rental photo booths for parties are a popular trend—and they are only going to get bigger from here as technology continues to take off. If it was up to us, there would be a photo booth at every event. We’ve seen firsthand how well-liked and attended they are during any special occasion.

Guests will happily come up to the booth during the event. There is plenty of space in the open booth area to hang out and take turns getting pictures taken. Inside the booth, there is room for around five individuals to fit into for pictures; bring a few of your best friends for a great group selfie.

Spice up your party and get in on the rental photo booth trend. Once you see what the whole deal is all about, you’ll never throw another big bash without one.


8.     Our photo booths compliment any occasion

 Our rental photo booth is an ideal fit for all kinds of events. We have ample experience handling everything from intimate, private gatherings like weddings, proms, and graduations, as well as bigger public events like trade shows and sporting matches.

No matter your event and its themes, a rental photo booth can be tailored to match your goals. Our personal attendant will keep the booth running smoothly when it gets busy, and will help work closely with guests during events both big and small.

Even if you think a photo booth isn’t the answer for your gathering, we can assure you that there’s versatility in making almost anything work. There’s no need to skip out on this trendy attraction that will delight your guests for hours on end.


9.     Custom theme your photos

We have the willingness and ability to customize just about every aspect of a photo frame and border. With custom frames, you can either create them on your own and send them to us, or we can create them for you (an extra fee applies). Custom frames will allow you to communicate your party’s theme in a way that ties in to its larger context.

While you’re at it, in lieu of standard props you can match your custom frames with custom props (for an extra fee). A custom prop kit can also help tie the event together for a more cohesive experience. Attendees can deck themselves out in props and frames that align with the party’s concepts.

Everything will be made even more memorable if you focus on establishing a consistent vision for your occasion, and customization certainly helps with that.


10.     You will be the envy of all your friends

If you choose to rent a photo booth, you’ll impress your friends and families with your forward thinking decision. Many people don’t realize just how much a photo booth adds to an event until they experience one for themselves.

After having such a great time, many of your friends might even want to rent their own booths for their future events. Be a pioneer and show them just how much pure fun taking pictures at a rental photo booth can be.








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