Best Twin Cities Photobooth

Best Twin Cities Photobooth

First, for branding purposes, we want you to check out our logo. So you’ll know that you rented from the best Twin Cities photobooth!

Looking for the best Twin Cities photobooth? Look no further, the best photobooth in the area is Twin Cities Selfie, named after the Twin Cities itself. We’d like to think that this photobooth is the premier photo booth in Minnesota. If you have seen the other companies’ photo booths, then you already know this to be true. Check out the 10 reasons why you need a photo booth at your event for a sneak peek at the photo booth.

Old school enclosed styled booths are gone and the DIY photobooth doesn’t quite get the job done. Like the ancient dinosaurs, the old generation of photo booths have disappeared.

They had a good run, but young people want something fresh, something that wows them. Twin Cities Selfie has given them a photobooth that they can relate to much more closely than the others. Visit Twin Cities Selfie on facebook.

When the kids are excited, we consider that a victory. When the adults get wide eyed, that is another win. Twin Cities Selfie, or Tcselfie for short, features a photo booth that really brings the joy to everyone. Check our home page for contact information.

If you are a Minnesota resident that worries about cost, the price of our photo booth is in your budget. Tcselfie works with you, the customer, to sort out any financial concerns you may have.

Our photo booth service is not designed to break your wallets and purses. While there can be many variations in pricing, it mainly boils down to how many hours you want our photo booth at your event.

We give you a custom frame to further enhance and personalize your photo booth rental experience with us. We also offer groupon deals to ensure that you can afford our service.

Thanks Minnesota. We love you and all of the wonderful residents that make the state wholesome and beautiful.

Now, let’s dive into some more detail about what makes Twin Cities Selfie the best rental photo booth company around:


Modern, spacious open photo booth

 Our rental photo booth is a beautiful, open booth with plenty of space and a sleek, modern design. Whether you’re going in for a solo selfie or spreading the love by bringing a group of up to four others along, you’ll be greeted to a welcoming atmosphere in our rental photo booth.

Inside the booth, there’s also top shelf equipment powering each picture we take. A professional digital camera (with lens upgrade available) instantly snaps and produces crystal sharp photographs. Our touchscreen setup allows for the customizing of filters, frames, and more. We also provide props for use inside the booth, and you can add the option for more relevant custom props.

Also available to help you out is a booth attendant; they can take you step by step through the process of selecting your filter, frame, and other embellishments. Don’t hesitate to ask for help; it’s our mission to help you make each photo one for the ages.


Ultimate fun—for kids and adults!

Photo booths are just plain fun, all by themselves. Even so, we have the know-how and the passion to add even more to the experience. Whether it’s kids, adults, parents, or grandparents, we recognize how to personally put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Kids will be all over the props and apps, tinkering with everything as they figure out how to shape the funniest photos. Adults have a great time as well, whether taking a selfie with a significant other or an entire group of close friends.

If you are a young whizz kid who knows her way around any photo app on the planet or someone who’s never taken a selfie in his life, we’ll see to it that you go home happy with a set of attractive photographs.

It takes a burden off of the event-thrower to be able to rely on a reputable rental photo booth company to take care of everyone’s needs; TCSelfie prides itself on a hard-earned reputation in providing that comfort. Let us lead your guests through the professional photo booth experience they never knew they needed, so you can kick back and enjoy yourself.


Priced to fit your budget

We offer prices that work for you, whether you want to go all out or save some of your hard-earned cash. We enable tons of extra options that you can add to any rental booth package, including custom frames, custom props, backdrops, and more.

We are happy to provide discounts for many events, including birthday parties, trade shows, charity events, and more. In addition, everyone has access to our groupon deals, which offer two different budget packages—one 3-hour rental package and one 4-hour package. Each one comes with loads of goodies bundled together to add even more value. Check them out for yourself here.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority 

We want your event to be a huge success, and we think our rental photo booth can be a big part of that. If you and your guests go home happy, so do we. That’s why we are intently focused on doing right by our customers. We aim to develop strong relationships so that you can get everything you want out of our rental photo booth packages.

Hopefully, we blow way past your expectations in delivering top service in the rental photo booth space. If you love the work we do, feel free to spread the word to any friends who may need a rental photo booth for their future parties; we’re always open to working with new clients. We love serving the local area, and we enjoy being a small part of awesome parties that hit it out of the ballpark.


Add it all up for the best Twin Cities Photobooth

It’s the hard work in these previously discussed areas—photo booth design, creating a fun environment for people of all ages, fair pricing that is versatile for most budgets, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, that has us considered among the best of Minnesotan rental photo booth companies.

There is no doubt a ton of pressure involved in planning and carrying out a large gathering. Between choosing a venue, sending out invitations, and making arrangements for music, food, and much more, there’s a lot that can cause worry. So please, let us help you make the rental photo booth one part of your event that’s free from any stress.

You don’t become a leader in a field by closing yourself off from your customers. We want you to freely examine our company and determine for yourself if we are the right fit for you. That is why we also preach transparency. As you can see on the pages of this blog, we give you a window into our thoughts and opinions on various related photo booth topics.

And that’s just one more piece of the puzzle that makes us a great photo booth company. After reading through our values, goals, motivations, and promises, please contact us to get in touch and take the first steps towards securing the rental photo booth that will top off any great occasion. You can find our contact information here. We hope to hear from you soon!