Photo Booth Company

A photo booth company can consist of two different settings. The first being, a company that sales photo booths to individual people and businesses. The second setting are companies that rent photo booths on an hourly bases.

Normally a photo booth attendant is present with the photo booth. There are many different styles of photo booths. Photo booth companies sell and lease photo booths to malls, clubs, gaming venues, and more.

Photography has always been popular. The growing technology has been evolving for decades now. Photo booth contraptions are an extension of photography.

Usually, at events there would be one designated person in charge of getting everyone together to take a picture. However, everyone has a device with good picture quality, making each person with a smartphone, capable of taking the photo.

In that same vein, a photo booth attendant is that designated person. They’ll suggest poses and props and encourage big smiles.

A photo booth company sets out to entertain guest and allow for people to take photos on their own time.  You may gather the people you want to take photos with or take a bathroom break to get selfie ready.


  • The first thing you want to do is turn on your location so that you may be able to search locally, this provides a better outcome when the photo booth company has to travel to your event. (For example if you are outside of the photo booth companies event area then you may have to pay an out-of-area service fee).


  • Secondly, once you’ve edited your search options, now it’s time to search. If you are in Minneapolis you might want to search “Minneapolis photo booth rental” this will allow for greater options when comparing photo booth rentals


  • Next, compare 3 photo booth rental companies. Get a quote, review past photo booth event photos (if possible), and be informed of everything that comes with the package.


  • Finally, you compare all of the information you have received from all photo booth rental companies and make your decision by booking with the photo booth that fits best for your event.


The best way to tell if a photo booth rental is a good choice is the response time for your quote? Getting you a quote is very important.

Every event is very different, so there is no set pricing time table for photo booth rentals. The quote should include everything in your package as well as the price.

This quote means you have reached out to someone about renting a photo booth for your event and you are really interested.

Having a quote from the photo booth company means that this photo booth rental is in the top three of choices for booking that event date.

If or when you reach out to a photo booth rental company and you do not get a follow-up email within 24-hours you might want to rethink your interest in booking with that particular photo booth company.

Typically this means that they may be already booked for your event date and just haven’t informed you yet. Also photo booths have booking seasons, for example Spring/Summer is peak booking season.

People will call to book events for later in the year. This means if you are looking around in these months, photo booth rental companies are really busy.

Twin Cities Selfie – A Photo Booth rental company in the twin cities metro area responds to all inquiries as soon as possible.

We love when people inquire about booking an event with Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth because it gives us the opportunity to connect with perspective clients to ensure that they find the right photo booth for their event.

Do your research, most photo booth companies should have some of their work posted on networking site to allow clients to review the photo booth work.

The most well known of them all is Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you do a search of a photo booth company you should be able to locate them on social media.

For an example:

Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth can be located on all social media outlets as you visit you can access our work by simply clicking on the social media icon links at the bottom of the webpage and it will take you to which ever social media outlet you would like to review our work from.


Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth is located in the Minnesota area and services many events in the Twin Cities/St. Paul area. TCSelfie (Short for Twin Cities Selfie) Photo Booth rental is great at charging prices that make sense.

Our photo booth attendant is a private event host and this allows for your event to be entertained by the photo booth attendant. “TCS” ( Twin Cities Selfie) loves discounts, we understand that photos are necessary in order for one to remember their special event. We welcome all events and our photo booth attendants and equipment managers are awesome!

All in all, a Photo Booth Company may vary depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking to buy a photo booth outright to start you own business narrow your search by including “buying a photo booth”.

If you are looking to book a date for a photo booth to attend your event you may want to refer to the “HOW TO SEARCH FOR GOOD PHOTO BOOTH COMPANIES” section of this blog post.

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