Photo Booth That Emails Your Pictures

Why a Photo Booth that Emails your Pictures is Important


When it comes to taking pictures to memorialize a special occasion, a photo booth that emails your pictures offers the best flexibility for capturing and saving these moments.


Whomever you rent your photo booth from, you’ll want to ensure their service provides the full suite of connectivity options, which includes social media and email.


Those epic moments you share with friends as you keep it classy, hang out, act silly, or just enjoy each other’s company can be shared and cherished forever through the internet with today’s modern photo booth advancements.


Photo Booths in the Early Days


Before the era of apps, wifi, and the internet, photo booths still served their purpose of providing a unique space for event-goers to strike a pose for the camera; of course, it took years of technology improvements to arrive at where we are today.


The first documented use of a photo machine can be traced to the late 1880s at the Paris World Fair.  It took a few minutes at a time for the tintype, an early photograph that used a thin piece of coated metal to produce a direct positive, to develop.


As one can imagine, the spectacle of the fair, with all of its famous artists and attendees, was a fitting debut for what would later become a staple attraction at personal events big and small.


The 1920s saw the creation of the first actual photo booth in New York City, and within months hundreds of thousands of curious people had used the booth.  This invention quickly circulated from the United States to Canada and Europe.


It took until the 1960s for rudimentary self-operated photo booths to arise; even today, many photo booths offer the option of having an attendant or operation by oneself.  Finally, the 1990s saw the rise of photo booths that used computers and printers to produce snappy digital and color photos.


Today, photo booths leverage the many advantages of our constant connectivity to the online world to push the field into new and exciting places.  For consumers, that means more customization, more speed, and more convenience when employing a photo booth.


Step into Social Media Integration


It seems these days that everyone has some form of social media.  It’s not just the domain of the young generations anymore, as anyone who’s experienced that awkward moment of an older parent joining Facebook in the last few years can attest; all kidding aside, everyone can and should have the opportunity to enjoy these evolving online social hubs.


A photo booth with built-in social media integration allows users to upload every perfect (and hilarious not-so-perfect) photo to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.


Instantly let all of your followers glimpse you and your loved ones in action while also conveniently saving each photo for future use.


On many modern photo booth setups, including those offered by Twin Cities Selfie, there are also options (with fees potentially attached) for custom frames, branding logos and themes, and props to help make your pictures even more social media worthy.


The thrust of the modern photo booth experience is all about customization; you and your friends should feel free to take the party to the booth as you record your night of fun and instantly transfer it to your favorite social media sites.


Email Access on Photo Booths


Perhaps the most practical means of taking your photos from real life fun to a forever-memory is to send them securely to your email address.  A photo booth that emails your pictures promises a surefire way to keep these memories safe.


A quality, internet-connected rental photo booth should enable you to receive pictures to your email address after you complete your session.  You may also be able to forward the photos to a few additional email addresses.


This is a good option for those who don’t want to immediately post their photo booth results to social media.  Acquiring your photo booth pictures through email allows you to go through each one and then post them to your social media when and how you want.


Once you have the photos at your email address, you can then save them and manipulate them with photo editors and other features on your own computer in order to make any changes you desire.


Either way, regardless of whether or not you choose to use your rental photo booth’s integrated social media features, you’ll likely always want to make sure the pictures are sent to your email.


There’s nothing worse than taking and losing priceless photos of you and friends on a night you never want to forget.  With the email option at Twin Cities Selfie photo booths, you’ll never have to worry about that potential nightmare.


Personal Attendants Offer Assistance


With all of these options including the integration of social media and email, you might need help figuring everything out.  No worries, as any respectable rental booth company is sure to have an attendant available to lend a helping hand.


Not everyone is savvy when it comes to navigating the digital online world.  And that’s okay; if you need step by step guidance, the personal assistant can walk you through that.


If you need help discerning and selecting the different customization options (of which there are many), the personal assistant can handle it.  Heck, if you’re already a photo booth master and just want someone to chat with, the personal assistant is there for you too.


A big part of this whole experience is tailoring it to match just what you and your guests desire.  Therefore, guests to any party or event with a rental photo booth should feel free to experiment, play around, and certainly ask questions if a roadblock arises.


Above all else, never stop enjoying the moment; it’s the spontaneity of the moment that produces the laughs and smiles that will be captured for a lifetime.


Ultimately, the personal assistant will happily make sure you get your photos securely uploaded to your social media or email address.


Recap and Conclusions


To sum, there are many reasons why a rental photo booth that emails your pictures and works with social media is such an integral part of a successful affair.  We’ve noted several key developments in this area, including:


  • how early photo booths quickly became popular and naturally led to contemporary leaps in functionality and technology
  • how social media integrates with everything, including modern rental photo booths
  • how receiving your photo booth pictures by email ensures you’ll have a safe digital copy over the internet
  • how personal attendants at rental photo booths work to help guests of all levels of knowledge and familiarity


The experience of your guests at any special party, occasion, or gathering will be greatly multiplied by using the services of a fully-featured photo booth rental company like Twin Cities Selfie.


Email and social media play a major role in our everyday lives, and the photo booths of today reflect this evolution.  Technology progresses at a constant pace, and we all adapt to it as best we can; a qualified rental photo booth company has already done so.


As time moves into the future, surely new developments will come along that will once again change the game in the timeless global attraction of the photo booth.