Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis

First of all, thank you for visiting Twin Cities Selfie, the premier photo booth rental company in Minneapolis. Most commonly, we service the Twin Cities’ metro areas. However, we do travel outside the area for an additional fee.

Furthermore, our company understands that there are great venues outside of the Twin Cities. Customers outside of the area should let us know the location well in advance of an event.

If you are searching for the best photo booth rental company in Minneapolis, look no further; it was no accident that you found our service. Because we understand fair pricing, we offer full services on a per hour basis.

Consequently, you only pay for coverage. Your budget will not be broken by renting a photo booth with us. This is even more true when you activate our Groupon deals. We’re confident that we have the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota.

From look to customizable options, we feel that no other photo booth can provide you with the range of services that we can.  We ask that you understand one thing; photo booth rentals are very popular and successful attractions.

Because peak season lasts From March to September and our service is very popular, we discourage last minute reservations. Dates and time slots fill up quickly. Most customers book events well in advance.

Again, we are the premier photo booth rental company Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twin Cities Selfie has given the average hard working Minnesotan the opportunity to rent a photo booth.

Most noteworthy is the fact that other companies try to oversell similar services and end up stiffing customers with high-priced average results.

Don’t let that customer be you. You can get the photo booth rental you want at prices that you can absolutely afford.

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A photobooth company for Minnesotans, from Minnesotans

We’re a company who shares the values of the good people of Minnesota, because we’ve lived and worked here for years.

When you use us for you next event, you know you’re working with a company that has roots in the area, and who’s worked with all kinds of clients on putting together the rental photo booth packages of their dreams.

You’ll get our full attention, effort, and guidance in helping you figure out which direction you’d like to go in, including ways we can help tailor our services to fit your party’s themes.

All of this will be done with professionalism and that unshakable Minnesota niceness that’s a core part of its people. We love the communities and clients we get to work with, and we hope to meet with you too.

All told, we’ve been fortunate to rent our photo booth for birthday parties young and old, sweet sixteens, weddings, graduations, charity causes, family remembrances, and much more.

This wide variety of events we’ve handled shows that we can adapt our services to fit whatever concept or occasion you want to pull off.

We are deeply ingrained in the local communities of the Twin Cities, and we’ve been diligent in providing a level of service that consistently fulfills are customers desires.

So come say hi to us on any of our social media channels, and contact us on our website if you’d like to get started working with us as soon as possible. We can assure you there’s no better time to add a rental photo booth to your upcoming party.

How we serve our Twin Cities’ customers, every day

Of course, a great rental photo booth service, or any public company for that matter, requires placing the highest priority on putting customers first in all matters.

That’s why, along with bringing you the best rental photo booth features you can find in the Twin Cities, we carry along a tradition of top shelf customer service.

When we work with you for the first time, we’ll hash out the ways we can help make our photo booth work best with your special occasion.

There are tons of essentials offered right off the bat, but there are also many customizations available. Among these, custom photo frames, custom prop packages, DIY backdrops, and themed branding help carve out a photo booth experience that will be uniquely yours.

We really want you to be able afford our rental photo booth options; that’s why we offer generous discounts that stand out compared to other companies. Whether it’s our groupon deals or other sales to knock down prices, we’ll assist you in achieving the results you deserve no matter your budget.

Finally, we extend our customer service mindset to when we actually arrive to your party. Our photo booth attendant is kind and courteous when dealing with you and your guests. And we know how hectic things can get, which is where our vast experience in successfully running the booth comes into play.

Our attendant caters to any questions, concerns, or other help needed by visitors to the booth. We understand that not everyone is completely familiar with applying filters that look good, effectively using props, and accessing the connected social media options.

Making sure everyone is comfortable while they participate is one of our biggest goals. You can trust us to make sure that happens. We will make the rental photo booth a safe place for guests of all ages to enjoy throughout the night.

Twin Cities Selfie and you—the perfect match!

Prospective photo booth renters in Minneapolis will find an ally in Twin Cities Selfie. It is our pleasure to be able to bring the latest and greatest in rental photo booth service to the precious people of Minnesota. And if you live outside of Minneapolis, we may still be able to accomodate you (extra fees may apply).

Like you, we care about family values, close friends, and sharing cherished moments with the ones we love. Ultimately, that’s a big part of what life’s all about for all human beings. When we come together to mark momentous occasions, we reaffirm these priorities over and over again.

These values help drive how we align ourselves as a company. That’s what we believe in, and that’s why we do everything we can to make and keep our customers satisfied.

We want you to have the time of your life at every party you throw—surrounded by loved ones with good food and drink, snapping selfies and group shots that you can take home for safe keeping.

We want your guests to share in this unique experience and to see for themselves what a rental photo booth brings to a party. We believe that if they haven’t yet seen a photo booth at one of your prior events, they’ll quickly learn that it’s been the missing piece for an unforgettable celebration. And if they have seen one, they certainly haven’t witnessed a booth quite like ours!

The Twin Cities of Minnesota mean everything to us because we live here, and we work here, and we’re involved in the local communities here. With every customer we bring into the fold, our appreciation for this state and its people only grows.

Above all else, we will continue to be a company that puts the people we work with first. For us, that’s what integrity in a public serving company is all about, and it’s what has kept us successful in a competitive and constantly evolving field that’s only getting more popular.

So please allow us be a helping hand in planning your next party in Minneapolis; you won’t regret using our photo booth and the ways we creatively match it with your themes and goals.

Most noteworthy, is the fact that other companies try to over sell similar service and end up stiffing customers with high priced average service.

Don’t let that customer be you. You can get the photo booth rental you want at prices that you can absolutely afford.

Facebook and google+ visitors welcome to Twin Cities Selfie. Please read our blog post for more information about our photo booth services and offerings.