Photography Selfies

Photography Selfies


The concept of photography selfies has spread to the general population in new ways over the last decade or so.  Advances in the quality of commercial digital cameras and the cameras in our phones have allowed people to snap charming photos of themselves and the world around them.


Indeed, the aptly-named selfie is arguably the most iconic and representative trend in the intersection between photography and social media.


At this point, we all know and love the simple process; phone held at arm’s length from the face (and often slightly above the head), the appropriate facial expression for the given moment, and the snap to capture the chosen pose for personal or social media use.


It’s a quick, fun way to share our feelings with the online world; the face and its many expressions offer a snapshot into someone’s emotions, frozen in time in a selfie.


It’s within this context that photo booth rental companies try to help guests take the best photography selfies they can at any special event or party.  By offering the best in cameras, customization options, and digital functionality, photo booth companies like Twin Cities Selfie take pride in bringing out your best self with every selfie taken.


Understanding the Selfie


People have been snapping pictures of themselves for generations; in fact, some trace the first instance of this idea to an 1893 daguerreotype self-portrait by Robert Cornelius, an American trailblazer in his field.


In modern times, the advent of cell phones in everyone’s pockets, combined with the influence of social media sites, helped spur on a new form of photographic expression that we call the selfie.


The origins of the term are a bit obscure, but the rise of front-facing cameras in cell phones around 2010 and social media, beginning with MySpace, helped facilitate the now widespread trend.


By 2013, the ‘selfie’ had become so popular that Oxford Dictionaries named it the word of the year.  The selfie’s influence has only continued to grow, and it’s now instantly recognizable as a word and action around the globe.


You can look at the selfie as another tool in cultivating a positive image of the self in an advancing online era.  Increasingly, the selfie has become a social norm for people of all ages and types.


From couples to young kids to older adults, the selfie stands as an always amusing practice that brings genuine joy to millions of people.  And when we share these selfies with those around us, we hopefully reconstruct and build new bonds of social cohesion.


Phone selfies vs professional photography selfies


Taking a selfie from your own phone, as most people do, can often produce very good results, especially with advances in phone cameras and filters.  Newer phones usually come equipped with sharp resolutions for high definition picture-taking.


Before and after a phone selfie is taken, users can make use of advanced filters to achieve their desired look.  Many people use these filters to heavily edit a given selfie; it’s only normal to want to present the ideal ‘you’ to social media followers and friends.


However, there are clear limits to what is offered by your average consumer product.  For example, in order to achieve better resolutions you’ll have to upgrade your phone over and over.  Only the newest phone models can hope to somewhat achieve what is viable with the best professional camera configurations.


In addition, it can be difficult to arrange the optimal setup for a phone selfie shot.  As much as filters can help, inherent lighting and environmental quirks can throw off your final result.  There’s only so much you can do to control for these conditions with a cell phone camera.


The professional photo rental booth by TC Selfie resolves these issues with the finest equipment available.  Exceptional cameras provide crystal clear resolutions, accurately portraying every detail.


The conditions are controlled so that each photo is of superior quality.  These conditions include a DIY or standardized backdrop, ideal booth arrangement, and an assistant to inform your selfie shot.


Specifically, further ‘selfie’ advantages gained when using a professional photo booth company for your event include:


  • Email/social media integration, so you’ll receive a digital copy of your own to later save and add post-processing from your computer, if you’d like
  • For an additional fee, custom frames of your own design (or designed by the photo booth company)
  • Fun filters ready to be applied at the booth after each selfie is taken
  • Props to compliment the theme or look you’re trying to achieve


As you can see, a company like TC Selfie doesn’t just offer a simple rental photo booth; it provides the key ingredients required to take the best pictures and the best selfies possible under the most favorable settings.


Commemorating a special occasion begins with solidifying your most standout moments into everlasting memories.  The process of handling this delicate balance demands the expertise of a reputable photo booth rental company.  Using the services of such a company will ensure your guests head home with selfies that match the unforgettable time they hopefully enjoyed.


Ideas for Enhancing your Photography Selfie at the Booth


When you go to a rental photo booth of the type offered by TC Selfie, there are plenty of ways to go about getting great results.  Always make sure you know what your options are, and rely on the booth attendant to answer any questions you might have.  If you need, the attendant can also perform each task that you want completed.


If you want to take selfies that will stand out, consider using a DIY backdrop that fits the theme of your party.  By also using props, you can match the essence of the event with every photo you take, and you can dramatize each selfie.


The open booths provide ample space to be creative without sacrificing the relaxed, inclusive ambience or the focused, professional booth layout.  There is plenty of room to comfortably fit around five individuals in every shot; taking group selfies brings the whole experience to another level, and friends love to up the ante when taking pictures together.


There are other cool ideas that you should try as you customize your selfies.  For example, TC Selfie will let you use light painting to decorate your selfies with words or doodles that will heighten your end product.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make nifty animated selfie gifs; three selfies in a row will be taken for the animation.  By combining all the prior elements along with a few wacky faces, you can transform some simple selfies into shareable gifs to be cherished over and over.


Finally, there are a few interesting filters to choose from when taking your selfie.  This is a ready-made way to try something funny that alters the photo in a drastic way.  You can also apply custom frames, and you have options for logos and branding.


There really are countless ways to get to the selfie you want.  Remember, no matter how many filters, props, and doodles you apply, the best selfies start with bringing your passionate smile into the booth; if you are having a blast with friends, it will surely be revealed when the camera turns on.  From there, TC Selfie will assist you in maximizing the quality of your photos.


Recapping Photography Selfies


Photography selfies include both the common, popular cell phone snapshots and the professional photography space; photo booth rental companies represent one of these professional outlets.


While it took a long time to come up with the word we now use for selfies, people have taken self-portrait photos for well over 100 years.  In the last ten years, social media has fused with the selfie trend to make it more popular than ever, and there are no signs of any shift in this course.


When adding another attraction to a special party, the unique experience provided by a rental photo booth company like Twin Cities Selfie creates a fresh dynamic for the attendees.  The combination of professional cameras, proper booth setup, silly filters, special props, and more help draw out your best each time the camera clicks.


You can do even more to customize each selfie, all while benefiting from ideal photography conditions.  And of course, once you get your selfie sent to your email or social media, you can do even further editing from your own computer.


TC Selfie aims to please each and every customer, and properly attending to the photography selfie needs of the attendees is a key part of realizing complete customer satisfaction.  By working tirelessly on each step of the process, beautiful flashes in time are saved forever with each vibrant selfie.