Twin Cities Photo Booth

Twin Cities Photo Booth

Looking for a photo booth in the twin cities? Come find us on twitter. Are you looking to rent a photo booth? First, check our home pageand fill out the contact form, and you will get a response asap.

Twin Cities Selfie is the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota. We feature a wide range of photo booth options that will make your experience easy and memorable.

If you’ve ever had a photo booth experience in Minnesota before and want to upgrade to a better one you are in the right place.

We are not your average Twin Cities photo booth. Our booth has greater capabilities than the old generation photo booths. You can opt to choose a closed photo booth, but we think you’ll love the open style.

We let you customize almost every aspect of your photo booth rental. Do other photo booth companies in Minnesota provide such options? All we know is that we offer more, and we do it bigger and better than the rest.

Our goal since our launch has been to make the experience worthwhile, affordable, and unforgettable. We have serviced many events and we know what our customers want.

Be sure to book with us well in advance of your event because dates and time slot fill up quickly. Fair weather months are peak season for us and we don’t want you left behind.

Lastly, Check out our home page for updated groupon deal links and to make reservations. Thank you so much for checking out our website!

Who we are and what we do

Today, we’d like to talk a little more about what our mission is at TCSelfie and why we’re so passionate about what we do. We want to show you how we approach our rental photo booth service, discuss where the industry is, and speculate on where it may trend in the future.

Hopefully, we’ll show you why rental photo booths are one of the most trendy additions you can make to any occasion spent with friends and loved ones.

For fun times and unforgettable memories, it’s hard to beat the entire package offered with our rental photo booth. Beyond the usual priorities of great food, drinks, music, and venue, a rental photo booth ties an event together by providing an important service for memorializing the evening’s happenings.

Party-goers want to leave your event with a lasting impression of the good times they had. Photos taken with friends and family are a key part of creating that feeling in physical form.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with people for all kinds of diverse events, and we’ve seen our photo booth be a hit with all of them. We think it’s the one thing that takes any party to the next level, and we want as many people as possible to be able to experience that thrill.

We’ve been operating in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area from the start, so we are very familiar with the community and what they want from us. We will continue to serve you well by providing the highest quality Twin Cities photo booth services around.

Traditional booths are a thing of the past

When photo booths were starting to become popular for public and private parties, they looked justa bit different than they do today. There’s definitely a certain nostalgia to them with their big curtains promising privacy, and perhaps a comfy, cushioned seat for two.

They were simple, but effective booths for handling the basic tasks needed before internet connectivity and digital cameras were everywhere. They often had useful components like strobe lights for better photos; they had sturdy construction and were built to last.

However, these classic booths have been phased out as time has gone on and new advances were made in the photo booth field. Two changes have been a big part of the new school rental photo booths; internet connectivity and an open booth design.

Internet connectivity has changed the game in many businesses, including for rental photo booth companies. It has allowed for the instant use of visual apps, options for sending photos straight to email addresses, and social media integration.

All of this is only possible with the power of the internet, and we take full advantage of it when guests use our booth. With so many possibilities, we love to see the funny, crazy, and classy photos that people come up with.

The open-style photo booth has also marked a big change in photo booth philosophy. It has allowed for more people to fit into a shot, so you can get all your loved ones together for a group selfie.

It’s also a much more modern, welcoming feeling with an open booth. There is space for guests to gather round and mingle with each other in between sessions. There is room for the personal attendant to help out everyone and keep things orderly.

Overall, our open booth is the go-to choice for most renters. The open space is a natural complement to the social mood of most parties. In turn, the fun apps and photo settings work well when everyone can see what’s going on clearly and just take it all in together. It just feels right for most people, and we think you’ll enjoy how it fits in with your parties.

How we go above and beyond with our services

But what is it that we do to separate ourselves from the rest of the rental photo booth companies out there? We’ll get into more detail, but a large part of it is how we work with you so that you can achieve your vision.

We try to empower you to make creative decisions that will ‘wow’ your friends, family, and colleagues. We give you the tools, and we help you every step of the way. Simply contact us on our website, and we’ll get back to you to get the process started.

The following are some of the things we do to honor our commitment to being the best rental photo booth company around:

  • We offer apps, filters, props, and more for you and guests to take your dream selfies
  • We allow guests to send photos directly to their email addresses or social media for safe online keeping.
  • We don’t put a limit on how many photos you can take; keep trying until you get it right!
  • We work closely with you to customize your package; things like custom props, custom frames, and more can be worked out
  • We also offer unique additions like light painting, a video booth, green screen, and even karaoke!
  • Our personal attendant keeps things running smoothly and assists guests with any questions they might have.
  • We’ve worked many different kinds of events (birthday parties, sweet sixteens, charity events, graduations—you name it, we’ve probably done it), which means you can trust us with your next affair, no matter how outside the box it is.
  • We’ll work with you to fit the things you want into your budget; and we can arrange certain discounts based on the specific event. We also have a groupon page with excellent deals.

Come join us for your current and future gatherings

We’re ready to assist you with the missing piece you need; a high quality rental photo booth. There’s no time like now to hop on the photo booth bandwagon.

In fact, rental photo booths are probably only going to get more popular in the future. Professional cameras and studio equipment are only getting better, as are the types of apps and filters we’re using when we take selfies.

Other technologies will surely come along to push the field into new directions. We can’t wait to see what those changes are and to adapt to them to continue bringing you the best Twin Cities photo booth.

But right now, rental photo booths are better than ever before, and we’ve worked hard to gain a stellar reputation for our services. We hope you’ll join the many others who’ve given us a chance and come away more than satisfied.

Please feel free to read more of our blog posts for further perspectives on rental photo booths, and again hit us up on Twitter or our other social media channels! We want to hear from you, as feedback can only make us better!