Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis

First of all, thank you for visiting Twin Cities Selfie. The premier photo booth rental company Minneapolis. Secondly, we service the Twin Cities metro areas. However, we travel outside the area for an additional fee. Furthermore, our company understands that their are great venues outside of the Twin Cities. Customers outside of the area should let us know the location well in advance of an event.

If you are searching for the best photo booth rental company in Minneapolis look no further. It was no accident that you found our service. Because we understand price, we offer full services on a per hour basis. Consequently, you only pay for coverage. Your budget will not be broken by renting a photo booth with us. Hence, our Groupon deal(s). We have the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota.

From look to customizable options, we feel that no other photo booth can provide you with the range of services that we can.  We ask that you understand photo booth rentals are very popular. Because peak season lasts through to September and our service is very popular we discourage  last minute reservations. Dates and time slots fill up quickly. Most customers book events well in advance.

Again, we are the premier photo booth rental company Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twin Cities Selfie has given the average hard working Minnesotan the opportunity to rent a photo booth. Most noteworthy, is the fact that other companies try to over sell similar service and end up stiffing customers with high priced average service.


Facebook and google+ visitors welcome to Twin Cities Selfie. Please read our blog post for more information about our photo booth services and offerings.

Twin Cities Photo Booth

Twin Cities Photo Booth

Looking for Twin Cities photo booth? find us on twitter. Are you looking to rent a photo booth? First, check our home page fill out the contact form and you will get a response asap. Twin Cities Selfie is the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota. We feature a wide range of photo booth options that will make your experience memorable. If you’ve ever had a photo booth experience in Minnesota before and want a better experience you are in the right place.

Secondly, We are not your average Twin Cities photo booth. Our booth has more capabilities than older generation photo booths. We can optionally enclose our photo booth(s) but you would love the open style. We let you customize almost every aspect of your photo booth rental. Do other photo booth companies in Minnesota provide such options? Only you would know the answer to that question.

Our goal since our launch has been to make the experience worth while, affordable, and unforgettable. We have serviced many events and we know what our customers want. Be sure to book with us well in advance of your event because dates and time slot fill up quickly. Fair weather months are peak season for us. Lastly, Check our home page for updated groupon deal links and to make reservations. Thank you so much for checking out our website!


Best Twin Cities Photobooth

Best Twin Cities Photobooth

Best Twin Cities Photobooth

First, for branding purposes we want you to check out our logo. So you’ll know that you rented from the best Twin Cities photobooth!

Looking for the best Twin Cities photobooth? Look No further, the best photobooth in the Twin Cities is Twin Cities Selfie. Named after the Twin Cities itself. We’d like to think that this photobooth is the premier photo booth in Minnesota. If you have seen the other companies photo booth(s) then you already know this to be true. Check out the 10 reasons why you need a photo booth at your event for a sneak peek at the photo booth.

Old school enclosed styled booths are gone and the DIY photobooth doesn’t quite get the job done. Disappeared, are the ancient dinosaur that was the old generation photo booths. They had a good run but the young people wanted something fresh, something that wows them. The photobooth that they can relate to is Twin Cities Selfie. Visit us on facebook.

When the kids are excited that is the victory. When the adults get wide eyed that is a win. This company Twin Cities Selfie or Tcselfie for short features a photo booth that really brings the joy. Check our home page for contact information.

If you are a Minnesota resident that worries about cost. The price of our photo booth is in your budget. Tcselfie (our nickname) works with you the customer to sort out any financial concerns you may have. Our photo booth is not meant to break your wallets and purses. While there can be many variations of pricing and it mainly boils down to how many hours you want our photo booth at your event. We give you a custom frame to further enhance and personalize your photo booth rental experience with us. We also offer groupon deals to ensure that you can afford our service. Thanks Minnesota. We love you and all of the wonderful residents that make the state wholesome and beautiful.

10 Reasons Why You Need Our Photo Booth At Your Event

10 reasons? There are more than 10 reasons to book our photo booth. Before we get into that please enjoy a quick laugh courtesy of our video advertisement. Also visit our Home Page to find out more about the photo booth.

Check Out This Cool Video Of The Minions Endorsing Us !

Check out this image of our photo booth nicknamed: Twin Cities Selfie!

Can you find 10 reasons to book this photo booth?
Twin Cities Selfie

 Here are the 10 Reasons:

  1. Because its all about capturing a moment – First of all, lets pretend for a moment that we’re all retired. Maybe we’ve sent our kids off to college. In this illustration we are grandparents. Our photos become one of our most precious assets. The moments we capture become so important that we need multiple photo albums to keep all of the memories. We think long term and place our customers’ satisfaction first.
  2. The children will love it – Generally, kids love technology that they can touch. Our photo booth is life sized and includes just about everything, wifi, social media, slow motion video, and light painting. In addition to; a webcam, large touch screen, and it even has apps!
  3. Who can argue against great photos and a nice event? – Since we cannot, we’ll listen to your arguments. Everyone is dressed up from family to friends, even old colleagues. Add that to smiles, laughs, and excellent quality photos and you’ve got a keepsake.
  4. You’ll create memories for years to come – With Twin Cities Selfie it seems like the fun never stops. You keep every photo digitally or in print. You can email, text, or print them out. However, a fee may apply.
  5. The prices are in your favor – We offer a variety of packages to fit customers budgets and needs. Due to economical constraints that working people face we offer a groupon deal. Click here for our groupon deal  which cuts the price by 58% for those who want a discounted rate and still have to make ends meet. (like schools, non profits, and hard working parents.)
  6. The image qualiy! – Nothing beats studio quality images. Our photos are superior when compared to traditional photo booths.
  7. Photo booth events are very popular – They have been for some time. If you haven’t had a chance to see for yourself what the fuss is about try us out!
  8. Our booth compliments any occasion –  Twin Cities Selfie has accommodated many customers events from public events such as; trade shows and sporting events. To private events like proms, weddings, and graduations.
  9. Custom theme your photos – We have the ability to customize just about every aspect of a photo frame/border.
  10. You will be the envy of all of your friends – Finally, you decide to rent a photo booth.