Photography Selfies

Photography Selfies


The concept of photography selfies has spread to the general population in new ways over the last decade or so.  Advances in the quality of commercial digital cameras and the cameras in our phones have allowed people to snap charming photos of themselves and the world around them.


Indeed, the aptly-named selfie is arguably the most iconic and representative trend in the intersection between photography and social media.


At this point, we all know and love the simple process; phone held at arm’s length from the face (and often slightly above the head), the appropriate facial expression for the given moment, and the snap to capture the chosen pose for personal or social media use.


It’s a quick, fun way to share our feelings with the online world; the face and its many expressions offer a snapshot into someone’s emotions, frozen in time in a selfie.


It’s within this context that photo booth rental companies try to help guests take the best photography selfies they can at any special event or party.  By offering the best in cameras, customization options, and digital functionality, photo booth companies like Twin Cities Selfie take pride in bringing out your best self with every selfie taken.


Understanding the Selfie


People have been snapping pictures of themselves for generations; in fact, some trace the first instance of this idea to an 1893 daguerreotype self-portrait by Robert Cornelius, an American trailblazer in his field.


In modern times, the advent of cell phones in everyone’s pockets, combined with the influence of social media sites, helped spur on a new form of photographic expression that we call the selfie.


The origins of the term are a bit obscure, but the rise of front-facing cameras in cell phones around 2010 and social media, beginning with MySpace, helped facilitate the now widespread trend.


By 2013, the ‘selfie’ had become so popular that Oxford Dictionaries named it the word of the year.  The selfie’s influence has only continued to grow, and it’s now instantly recognizable as a word and action around the globe.


You can look at the selfie as another tool in cultivating a positive image of the self in an advancing online era.  Increasingly, the selfie has become a social norm for people of all ages and types.


From couples to young kids to older adults, the selfie stands as an always amusing practice that brings genuine joy to millions of people.  And when we share these selfies with those around us, we hopefully reconstruct and build new bonds of social cohesion.


Phone selfies vs professional photography selfies


Taking a selfie from your own phone, as most people do, can often produce very good results, especially with advances in phone cameras and filters.  Newer phones usually come equipped with sharp resolutions for high definition picture-taking.


Before and after a phone selfie is taken, users can make use of advanced filters to achieve their desired look.  Many people use these filters to heavily edit a given selfie; it’s only normal to want to present the ideal ‘you’ to social media followers and friends.


However, there are clear limits to what is offered by your average consumer product.  For example, in order to achieve better resolutions you’ll have to upgrade your phone over and over.  Only the newest phone models can hope to somewhat achieve what is viable with the best professional camera configurations.


In addition, it can be difficult to arrange the optimal setup for a phone selfie shot.  As much as filters can help, inherent lighting and environmental quirks can throw off your final result.  There’s only so much you can do to control for these conditions with a cell phone camera.


The professional photo rental booth by TC Selfie resolves these issues with the finest equipment available.  Exceptional cameras provide crystal clear resolutions, accurately portraying every detail.


The conditions are controlled so that each photo is of superior quality.  These conditions include a DIY or standardized backdrop, ideal booth arrangement, and an assistant to inform your selfie shot.


Specifically, further ‘selfie’ advantages gained when using a professional photo booth company for your event include:


  • Email/social media integration, so you’ll receive a digital copy of your own to later save and add post-processing from your computer, if you’d like
  • For an additional fee, custom frames of your own design (or designed by the photo booth company)
  • Fun filters ready to be applied at the booth after each selfie is taken
  • Props to compliment the theme or look you’re trying to achieve


As you can see, a company like TC Selfie doesn’t just offer a simple rental photo booth; it provides the key ingredients required to take the best pictures and the best selfies possible under the most favorable settings.


Commemorating a special occasion begins with solidifying your most standout moments into everlasting memories.  The process of handling this delicate balance demands the expertise of a reputable photo booth rental company.  Using the services of such a company will ensure your guests head home with selfies that match the unforgettable time they hopefully enjoyed.


Ideas for Enhancing your Photography Selfie at the Booth


When you go to a rental photo booth of the type offered by TC Selfie, there are plenty of ways to go about getting great results.  Always make sure you know what your options are, and rely on the booth attendant to answer any questions you might have.  If you need, the attendant can also perform each task that you want completed.


If you want to take selfies that will stand out, consider using a DIY backdrop that fits the theme of your party.  By also using props, you can match the essence of the event with every photo you take, and you can dramatize each selfie.


The open booths provide ample space to be creative without sacrificing the relaxed, inclusive ambience or the focused, professional booth layout.  There is plenty of room to comfortably fit around five individuals in every shot; taking group selfies brings the whole experience to another level, and friends love to up the ante when taking pictures together.


There are other cool ideas that you should try as you customize your selfies.  For example, TC Selfie will let you use light painting to decorate your selfies with words or doodles that will heighten your end product.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also make nifty animated selfie gifs; three selfies in a row will be taken for the animation.  By combining all the prior elements along with a few wacky faces, you can transform some simple selfies into shareable gifs to be cherished over and over.


Finally, there are a few interesting filters to choose from when taking your selfie.  This is a ready-made way to try something funny that alters the photo in a drastic way.  You can also apply custom frames, and you have options for logos and branding.


There really are countless ways to get to the selfie you want.  Remember, no matter how many filters, props, and doodles you apply, the best selfies start with bringing your passionate smile into the booth; if you are having a blast with friends, it will surely be revealed when the camera turns on.  From there, TC Selfie will assist you in maximizing the quality of your photos.


Recapping Photography Selfies


Photography selfies include both the common, popular cell phone snapshots and the professional photography space; photo booth rental companies represent one of these professional outlets.


While it took a long time to come up with the word we now use for selfies, people have taken self-portrait photos for well over 100 years.  In the last ten years, social media has fused with the selfie trend to make it more popular than ever, and there are no signs of any shift in this course.


When adding another attraction to a special party, the unique experience provided by a rental photo booth company like Twin Cities Selfie creates a fresh dynamic for the attendees.  The combination of professional cameras, proper booth setup, silly filters, special props, and more help draw out your best each time the camera clicks.


You can do even more to customize each selfie, all while benefiting from ideal photography conditions.  And of course, once you get your selfie sent to your email or social media, you can do even further editing from your own computer.


TC Selfie aims to please each and every customer, and properly attending to the photography selfie needs of the attendees is a key part of realizing complete customer satisfaction.  By working tirelessly on each step of the process, beautiful flashes in time are saved forever with each vibrant selfie.

Photo Booth That Emails Your Pictures

Why a Photo Booth that Emails your Pictures is Important


When it comes to taking pictures to memorialize a special occasion, a photo booth that emails your pictures offers the best flexibility for capturing and saving these moments.


Whomever you rent your photo booth from, you’ll want to ensure their service provides the full suite of connectivity options, which includes social media and email.


Those epic moments you share with friends as you keep it classy, hang out, act silly, or just enjoy each other’s company can be shared and cherished forever through the internet with today’s modern photo booth advancements.


Photo Booths in the Early Days


Before the era of apps, wifi, and the internet, photo booths still served their purpose of providing a unique space for event-goers to strike a pose for the camera; of course, it took years of technology improvements to arrive at where we are today.


The first documented use of a photo machine can be traced to the late 1880s at the Paris World Fair.  It took a few minutes at a time for the tintype, an early photograph that used a thin piece of coated metal to produce a direct positive, to develop.


As one can imagine, the spectacle of the fair, with all of its famous artists and attendees, was a fitting debut for what would later become a staple attraction at personal events big and small.


The 1920s saw the creation of the first actual photo booth in New York City, and within months hundreds of thousands of curious people had used the booth.  This invention quickly circulated from the United States to Canada and Europe.


It took until the 1960s for rudimentary self-operated photo booths to arise; even today, many photo booths offer the option of having an attendant or operation by oneself.  Finally, the 1990s saw the rise of photo booths that used computers and printers to produce snappy digital and color photos.


Today, photo booths leverage the many advantages of our constant connectivity to the online world to push the field into new and exciting places.  For consumers, that means more customization, more speed, and more convenience when employing a photo booth.


Step into Social Media Integration


It seems these days that everyone has some form of social media.  It’s not just the domain of the young generations anymore, as anyone who’s experienced that awkward moment of an older parent joining Facebook in the last few years can attest; all kidding aside, everyone can and should have the opportunity to enjoy these evolving online social hubs.


A photo booth with built-in social media integration allows users to upload every perfect (and hilarious not-so-perfect) photo to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.


Instantly let all of your followers glimpse you and your loved ones in action while also conveniently saving each photo for future use.


On many modern photo booth setups, including those offered by Twin Cities Selfie, there are also options (with fees potentially attached) for custom frames, branding logos and themes, and props to help make your pictures even more social media worthy.


The thrust of the modern photo booth experience is all about customization; you and your friends should feel free to take the party to the booth as you record your night of fun and instantly transfer it to your favorite social media sites.


Email Access on Photo Booths


Perhaps the most practical means of taking your photos from real life fun to a forever-memory is to send them securely to your email address.  A photo booth that emails your pictures promises a surefire way to keep these memories safe.


A quality, internet-connected rental photo booth should enable you to receive pictures to your email address after you complete your session.  You may also be able to forward the photos to a few additional email addresses.


This is a good option for those who don’t want to immediately post their photo booth results to social media.  Acquiring your photo booth pictures through email allows you to go through each one and then post them to your social media when and how you want.


Once you have the photos at your email address, you can then save them and manipulate them with photo editors and other features on your own computer in order to make any changes you desire.


Either way, regardless of whether or not you choose to use your rental photo booth’s integrated social media features, you’ll likely always want to make sure the pictures are sent to your email.


There’s nothing worse than taking and losing priceless photos of you and friends on a night you never want to forget.  With the email option at Twin Cities Selfie photo booths, you’ll never have to worry about that potential nightmare.


Personal Attendants Offer Assistance


With all of these options including the integration of social media and email, you might need help figuring everything out.  No worries, as any respectable rental booth company is sure to have an attendant available to lend a helping hand.


Not everyone is savvy when it comes to navigating the digital online world.  And that’s okay; if you need step by step guidance, the personal assistant can walk you through that.


If you need help discerning and selecting the different customization options (of which there are many), the personal assistant can handle it.  Heck, if you’re already a photo booth master and just want someone to chat with, the personal assistant is there for you too.


A big part of this whole experience is tailoring it to match just what you and your guests desire.  Therefore, guests to any party or event with a rental photo booth should feel free to experiment, play around, and certainly ask questions if a roadblock arises.


Above all else, never stop enjoying the moment; it’s the spontaneity of the moment that produces the laughs and smiles that will be captured for a lifetime.


Ultimately, the personal assistant will happily make sure you get your photos securely uploaded to your social media or email address.


Recap and Conclusions


To sum, there are many reasons why a rental photo booth that emails your pictures and works with social media is such an integral part of a successful affair.  We’ve noted several key developments in this area, including:


  • how early photo booths quickly became popular and naturally led to contemporary leaps in functionality and technology
  • how social media integrates with everything, including modern rental photo booths
  • how receiving your photo booth pictures by email ensures you’ll have a safe digital copy over the internet
  • how personal attendants at rental photo booths work to help guests of all levels of knowledge and familiarity


The experience of your guests at any special party, occasion, or gathering will be greatly multiplied by using the services of a fully-featured photo booth rental company like Twin Cities Selfie.


Email and social media play a major role in our everyday lives, and the photo booths of today reflect this evolution.  Technology progresses at a constant pace, and we all adapt to it as best we can; a qualified rental photo booth company has already done so.


As time moves into the future, surely new developments will come along that will once again change the game in the timeless global attraction of the photo booth.

Photo Booth Company

A photo booth company can consist of two different settings. The first being, a company that sales photo booths to individual people and businesses. The second setting are companies that rent photo booths on an hourly bases.

Normally a photo booth attendant is present with the photo booth. There are many different styles of photo booths. Photo booth companies sell and lease photo booths to malls, clubs, gaming venues, and more.

Photography has always been popular. The growing technology has been evolving for decades now. Photo booth contraptions are an extension of photography.

Usually, at events there would be one designated person in charge of getting everyone together to take a picture. However, everyone has a device with good picture quality, making each person with a smartphone, capable of taking the photo.

In that same vein, a photo booth attendant is that designated person. They’ll suggest poses and props and encourage big smiles.

A photo booth company sets out to entertain guest and allow for people to take photos on their own time.  You may gather the people you want to take photos with or take a bathroom break to get selfie ready.


  • The first thing you want to do is turn on your location so that you may be able to search locally, this provides a better outcome when the photo booth company has to travel to your event. (For example if you are outside of the photo booth companies event area then you may have to pay an out-of-area service fee).


  • Secondly, once you’ve edited your search options, now it’s time to search. If you are in Minneapolis you might want to search “Minneapolis photo booth rental” this will allow for greater options when comparing photo booth rentals


  • Next, compare 3 photo booth rental companies. Get a quote, review past photo booth event photos (if possible), and be informed of everything that comes with the package.


  • Finally, you compare all of the information you have received from all photo booth rental companies and make your decision by booking with the photo booth that fits best for your event.


The best way to tell if a photo booth rental is a good choice is the response time for your quote? Getting you a quote is very important.

Every event is very different, so there is no set pricing time table for photo booth rentals. The quote should include everything in your package as well as the price.

This quote means you have reached out to someone about renting a photo booth for your event and you are really interested.

Having a quote from the photo booth company means that this photo booth rental is in the top three of choices for booking that event date.

If or when you reach out to a photo booth rental company and you do not get a follow-up email within 24-hours you might want to rethink your interest in booking with that particular photo booth company.

Typically this means that they may be already booked for your event date and just haven’t informed you yet. Also photo booths have booking seasons, for example Spring/Summer is peak booking season.

People will call to book events for later in the year. This means if you are looking around in these months, photo booth rental companies are really busy.

Twin Cities Selfie – A Photo Booth rental company in the twin cities metro area responds to all inquiries as soon as possible.

We love when people inquire about booking an event with Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth because it gives us the opportunity to connect with perspective clients to ensure that they find the right photo booth for their event.

Do your research, most photo booth companies should have some of their work posted on networking site to allow clients to review the photo booth work.

The most well known of them all is Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you do a search of a photo booth company you should be able to locate them on social media.

For an example:

Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth can be located on all social media outlets as you visit you can access our work by simply clicking on the social media icon links at the bottom of the webpage and it will take you to which ever social media outlet you would like to review our work from.


Twin Cities Selfie Photo Booth is located in the Minnesota area and services many events in the Twin Cities/St. Paul area. TCSelfie (Short for Twin Cities Selfie) Photo Booth rental is great at charging prices that make sense.

Our photo booth attendant is a private event host and this allows for your event to be entertained by the photo booth attendant. “TCS” ( Twin Cities Selfie) loves discounts, we understand that photos are necessary in order for one to remember their special event. We welcome all events and our photo booth attendants and equipment managers are awesome!

All in all, a Photo Booth Company may vary depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking to buy a photo booth outright to start you own business narrow your search by including “buying a photo booth”.

If you are looking to book a date for a photo booth to attend your event you may want to refer to the “HOW TO SEARCH FOR GOOD PHOTO BOOTH COMPANIES” section of this blog post.

If you’re looking for a discount from a great photo booth company Click Here.

Photo Booth Rental Deals

Photo Booth Rental Deals

First of all, most photo booth rental deals in Minnesota are not deals.  Secondly, wedding packages are usually advertised the most. Leaving out events like birthday parties and baby showers. Furthermore, Deals normally are available during most national holidays.

What is a photo booth rental deal?

The average deal in the photo booth rental industry is a 3- hour booking for about $390-500. Additionally, many photo booths focus on weddings because they require more hours which in return doesn’t yield a deal. Twin Cities Selfie photo booth focuses on deals for events with less than 3 hours. Most noteworthy, they provide deals to non-profit organizations such as; schools, first time booking event, grand openings and more. 

 How to scout for deals from photo booth rentals:

  1. Always be upfront with your budget, this will eliminate your search and you will be able to identify which photo booth rental is most affordable for your event.
  2. Be exact in what it is you are looking for in order for your event to turn out great. 
  3. Always ask if any promotions are being run or if any discounts are available.

Examples of great deals:

  • Two-Hour Photo Booth Rental Party Package. Includes:
    • Digital
    • Custom frame (2 frame revisions)
    • Basic props
    • Photo booth attendant
    • Unlimited photo sessions
    • Optional email photo
    • Image rights
    • Send all photos to the purchaser (Email required)
  • Three-Hour Photo Booth Rental Wedding Package. Includes:
    • Digital only
    • Digital Camera with lens upgrade
    • Custom frame (Unlimited revisions)
    • Wedding props
    • Photo booth attendant
    • Studio lighting included
    • Unlimited digital photo sessions
    • Optional email and social media upload
    • Signature each photo session
    • Image rights
    • Send all photos to the purchaser (Email required)

For first time bookers we include a 10% discount. 

The best deals are always around  Federal Holidays

Monday, January 1New Year’s Day
Monday, January 15Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, February 19Washington’s Birthday
Monday, May 28Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 4Independence Day
Monday, September 3Labor Day
Monday, October 8Columbus Day
Monday, November 12Veterans Day
Thursday, November 22Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, December 25Christmas Day

In conclusion, Twin cities selfie photo booth rental always creates deals around non-federal holidays such as:

  • Groundhog Day 
  • Valentines Day 
  • St. Patricks Day
  • Good Friday 
  • Easter
  • Earth day 
  • Cinco de mayo 
  • Mothers Day 
  • Fathers Day 
  • Juneteenth day 
  • Halloween 

Rent A Photo Booth

Rent A Photo Booth

If you are here to rent a photo booth with Twin Cities Selfie simply follow this link to be directed to our contact page. We want this to we a pleasant experience for you. For that reason we are going to walk you through the various ways to contact us.

You can contact us via our Google My Business Listing. To find the listing, google search: twin cities selfie. We believe that this is the absolute best way to contact us aside from emailOn the above linked listing you can message us directly, see or most recent updates, and get specials deals only available on this platform.

Our email is: and/or Besides our google listing email is the way to get the fastest response. Use the website contact form to achieve the best results.

Do note that date and time slots fill up quickly. For that reason we encourage customers to place a deposit of 1/2 the overall event cost to reserve that date and time slot.

Within 24 hours you can expect a response. During this time be clear about what you want from your photo booth rental. In order to better serve you, we need specific information. The information you provide is used to expedite your request to rent a photo booth.

Here is an example of what a specific email request looks like:

Name, Your email address, Event Type, Estimated Budget, Event Date & Time, Specific request.

Hello, My name is Jon Smith. I have a wedding event at 123 venue on July 1, 2018 between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. That total hours we request is 3 hours. We have budgeted $500 for the photo booth event. We would like to add social media integration, studio lighting, and a custom frame with the bride and grooms last name on it. My return email address is

This type of email gets the best response because we have all of the information we need to follow up, schedule, package, and reserve this event.

Some customers want the absolute cheapest package. We offer a groupon deal with a sample size of our offerings. You can rent a photo booth with ease.

All you must do is email us and know what you want. Thank you for your interest in Twin Cities Selfie.

photo booth for party

Photo Booth For Party

If you’re searching “photo booth for party”, you are in the right place. If you want to skip the reading and go straight to the reservation of a photo booth for party rental please visit our contact page.

For those wanting more information about what is included in a party photo booth package please continue reading.

What You’ll Get In Our “Photo Booth For Party” Groupon Deal

Choice of:

  • Two-Hour Photo Booth Rental Party Package. Includes:
    • Digital
    • Custom frame (2 frame revisions)
    • Basic props
    • Photo booth attendant
    • Unlimited photo sessions
    • Optional email photo
    • Image rights
    • Send all photos to the purchaser (Email required)
  • Three-Hour Photo Booth Rental Wedding Package. Includes:
    • Digital only
    • Digital Camera with lens upgrade
    • Custom frame (Unlimited revisions)
    • Wedding props
    • Photo booth attendant
    • Studio lighting included
    • Unlimited digital photo sessions
    • Optional email and social media upload
    • Signature each photo session
    • Image rights
    • Send all photos to the purchaser (Email required)
  • 90-Minute Video Booth Rental Package. Includes:
    • Custom frame (Unlimited revisions)
    • Unlimited video recording sessions
    • Video clips can range from 5 seconds to 1 minute (Queue time applies)
    • Studio lighting
    • Video rights
    • Send all videos to the purchaser (Email required)

Digital Photography: Making Fine Image Art in Milliseconds

Digital cameras now rely on built-in computers to capture and develop images instantaneously. 

With traditional film, light enters the lens and registers on millions of microscopic silver halide crystals, forming a latent image that can later be developed through a chemical reaction.

Digital cameras work in much the same way, carrying out the complex process—from exposure to development—in only fractions of a second. Instead of hitting a frame of film, the light hits an image sensor made up of millions of photosensitive diodes.

Each diode corresponds to a pixel, the tiny colored dots that make up a digital image. The diodes do not register color, however—instead, the sensor simply records the brightness of the light hitting each pixel, along with its electrical charge.

The charges for each pixel are recorded and converted into digital data, or bytes—a series of ones and zeroes. This data represents the location and brightness for each pixel in the picture, instantly forming a black and white reproduction of the image.

To develop the color, the sensor computes the color of each pixel by applying red, green, and blue filters based on information from the surrounding pixels—a process known as interpolation.

Once interpolated, the image shows up as a full-color, full-resolution digital image ready to be printed, edited, or e-mailed to an old friend to prove you still exist—all in the matter of a few milliseconds.

The Fine Print

Promotional value expires 120 days after purchase. Amount paid never expires. May be repurchased every 180 days. Valid only within 25 miles of zip code 55421.

Merchant’s standard cancellation policy applies (any fees not to exceed Groupon price). Limit 1 per person, may buy 1 additional as gift. Must use promotional value in 1 visit. Valid only for option purchased.

Contact for out-of-area events or add-ons such as: back drop, custom props, custom frame concepts and revisions, social media upload, studio lighting, and/or camera/ lens upgrade.

Reservation required. Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

Photo Booth For Party

We launched this sale for our customers who truly want to experience a photo booth for a fraction of the cost. This groupon deal is only a sample of the experience as we do not provide all of our outstanding features.




Photography, by definition, is the science, art, and practice of taking and processing photographs. A picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused onto film or other light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally.

A large variety of photographic techniques and media are used in the process of capturing images for photography. These include the camera; stereoscopy; dualphotography; full-spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared media; light field photography; and other imaging techniques.

Photography as a hobby

This hobby allows you to go places you have never been. With photography you also get to meet people that you may never meet otherwise. Our favorite part of the hobby is the interesting venues. We get to explore the city and gain deeper insight into what our customers want from their sessions.

What is Photography to Twin Cities Selfie?

We take the art and fun approach to the art. Each photograph is stored digitally. Add-ons such as, props, backdrops, and studio lighting are used to enhance photos.

Our customers understand that they are purchasing a keepsake in their most cherished moments. Our duty is to capture the most memorable images of each guest at your event.

Each photo can be sent via email or uploaded to social media sites like facebook, pinterest, and twitter. Guest can sign the photos and even paint them if you purchase addons.

We’ve created some interesting looks using green screen photography. Making it so that your event can have any theme imaginable. At Twin Cities Selfie you are able to add various customizations to your event photo sessions.

The only limitation is your imagination. Props can really bring life to any a photography session. This is the most engaging part of what we do at Twin Cities Selfie.

Upgrading your standard props kit to a custom prop kit can really give your event character. You get the look and feel that you want. Thus, getting the most for your dollar.

Studio lighting provides what any photography session needs. Excellent lighting enables the best photo captures.


Photobooth Photography

A photo booth is a machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated camera and film processor.  We utilize photobooth technology at all of our events. Twin Cities Selfie features an open style photo booth that is great for portait and group photography.

Twin Cities Selfie is a photobooth company. Visit for more information regarding what we specialize in.

From the moment a photo booth arrives there is a certain buzz at an event. All eyes are typically on the photobooth once it is setup. Guest delight over how cool, effective, and how interesting our photobooth technology is.


Portait Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture in photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

This is our go to style.  As well as the famous selfie, or self- portrait. The current obsession with photographic self-portraits – A Selfie – can be traced back to the origins of photography.

One of the first things photographers did when they learned how to fix light on a surface was to turn their rudimentary cameras on themselves.

Not only do we take the photos that you already love to take. Our interactive attendant(s) liven the experience with suggestions to help capture you at your best. Our photo quality is second to none in the photobooth space.

In the twin cities we have seen our competitors photo booth renditions. We’ll just say Minnesotans prefer our photobooth.

Group Photography

Three or more people in a photo is called group photography.  We have seen as many as 50 people in a group take a photo at our selfie station. Grab a friend at an event and come take a picture – says an attendant. Twin Cities Selfie always looks to create memorable moments that our customers will cherish forever.

Self Portrait Photography

The selfie as you might know it on your smartphone is a bit different here at Twin Cities Selfie. We can do things that cell phones cannot do without apps or addons. Unless otherwise agreed to almost every photo is a selfie.

We combine 3 or more aspects of photography into each session. You can see yourself before and after a photo is taken. This allows for retakes and ensures that we get your best side in each image.

As a selfie is being taken we get to see lovely faces full of excitement and smiles.

Image Quality

We never compromise on the quality of images. Every single photo taken (including bloopers) are sent to the purchaser as a keepsake. We are a photography company with a twist.

This gives the community the best photo that they can get at prices that compete with traditional photographers. We have our photography engineer(s) complete the setup so that you never have to worry about poor image quality.

Shameless plug:

If ever you are in town and especially if you are a resident please consider Twin Cities Selfie for your next event. You will not regret it.

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis, Minnesota

There is a reason why we are the best twin cities photobooth! If you’re interested in learning more about our company simply read on and follow the link below.

Best Twin Cities Photobooth

Read our blog for more information and updates on the happening from the view of our photo booth company.

Lets recap. Photography, by definition, is the science, art, and practice of taking and processing photographs. Each photograph is stored digitally. At Twin Cities Selfie you are able to add various customizations to your event photo sessions.

To conclude, Twin Cities Selfie is a photo booth photography company by definition. We utilize photo booth, dslr cameras, studio lighting, props, video, and social media integration as part of most packages.



Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis

Photo Booth Rental Company Minneapolis

First of all, thank you for visiting Twin Cities Selfie. The premier photo booth rental company Minneapolis. Secondly, we service the Twin Cities metro areas. However, we travel outside the area for an additional fee.

Furthermore, our company understands that their are great venues outside of the Twin Cities. Customers outside of the area should let us know the location well in advance of an event.

If you are searching for the best photo booth rental company in Minneapolis look no further. It was no accident that you found our service. Because we understand price, we offer full services on a per hour basis.

Consequently, you only pay for coverage. Your budget will not be broken by renting a photo booth with us. Hence, our Groupon deal(s). We have the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota.

From look to customizable options, we feel that no other photo booth can provide you with the range of services that we can.  We ask that you understand one thing, photo booth rentals are very popular.

Because peak season lasts From March to September and our service is very popular we discourage last minute reservations. Dates and time slots fill up quickly. Most customers book events well in advance.

Again, we are the premier photo booth rental company Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twin Cities Selfie has given the average hard working Minnesotan the opportunity to rent a photo booth.

Most noteworthy, is the fact that other companies try to over sell similar service and end up stiffing customers with high priced average service.

Don’t let that customer be you. You can get the photo booth rental you want at prices that you can absolutely afford.

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Twin Cities Photo Booth

Twin Cities Photo Booth

Looking for twin cities photo booth? find us on twitter. Are you looking to rent a photo booth? First, check our home page fill out the contact form and you will get a response asap.

Twin Cities Selfie is the best photo booth rental service in Minnesota. We feature a wide range of photo booth options that will make your experience memorable.

If you’ve ever had a photo booth experience in Minnesota before and want a better experience you are in the right place.

Secondly, We are not your average Twin Cities photo booth. Our booth has more capabilities than older generation photo booths. We can optionally enclose our photo booth(s) but you would love the open style.

We let you customize almost every aspect of your photo booth rental. Do other photo booth companies in Minnesota provide such options? Only you would know the answer to that question.

Our goal since our launch has been to make the experience worth while, affordable, and unforgettable. We have serviced many events and we know what our customers want.

Be sure to book with us well in advance of your event because dates and time slot fill up quickly. Fair weather months are peak season for us.

Lastly, Check our home page for updated groupon deal links and to make reservations. Thank you so much for checking out our website!